February 04, 2003

The Bojon Conundrum

a rather intriguing paradox occurred to me the other day: the more free time i have, the less free time i have.

since i'm not working right now in the conventional 9-to-5-401k-cubicle sort of way, one would think that i've got all the time in the world to do things like return phone calls and answer emails. or even send out a few resumes.

well, actually, it's quite the contrary: i'm totally booked.

i surf in the mornings, and then race home to catch a late morning breakfast and read the paper. next i take a quick spin around the Web before heading out to knock out some errands (random mix of grocery store, dry cleaners, post office, hardware store). then i'll come home and grab lunch in the back yard so i can squeeze in some quality sun time.

then i'll set off on whatever project i am working on at the moment. some recent examples include building a chest of drawers, organizing my tax files, cleaning out the storage room, etc. before i know it, the afternoon has passed (sometimes before i am able to catch a proper nap) and it's time to hit the gym for a quick workout. home by 7 in time for dinner with the lady. then depending on the day of the week heading out on the town, watching some tube, or reading a book.

boom! the day draws to a close and i feel like i've been on the move the whole time. friends ask me why i haven't returned their emails? my mom wonders why i haven't called her back. my dad shakes his head at how little effort i've put into getting "gainful employment."

what can i tell these people? i'm slammed. every part of the day, filled. would love to get together for lunch, but i'm on a tight schedule. would love to come in for a job interview: how about three weeks from thursday. yeah, mom, i'll be home for christmas . . . if i can swing it.

decided to call this phenomenon: The Bojon Conundrum

looks like i may have to grab a job one of these days just to free up the schedule a bit.

on second thought, nahhhh!

Posted by bojon at February 4, 2003 10:18 AM