February 12, 2003

Meanwhile, Away From The Office

considering a regular entry that touches on what people are doing outside of the office during decidedly "office hours." came across a guy the other day on my way back from the beach who was painting a landscape of the city. i snapped this shot on a monday around 11:15 in the morning.


highlighted for me how much cool stuff goes on during the day.

reminiscent of a killer commercial from a few years back that a friend of mine brought up the other day. in the spot, a guy wearing a business suit on his way to lunch in the financial district spots an SUV heading out of town totally packed with surfing and camping gear. the concept at once inspires and confuses him, and all he can do is dreamily say to himself, "but it's tuesday. people work on tuesdays."

there's a lot going on out there. probably worth checking in on some of it . . .

Posted by bojon at February 12, 2003 09:26 AM