January 19, 2004

Jamaica Me Danish

ja mon, Dah Biggest Bunny is turning heads down in montego bay these days, and it's not because he's sporting a 7 foot rabbit suit...

The White Rabbit

rather, the greatest of danes is taking the island by storm after launching the Jamaican Bobsled Team store in the montego bay airport. better back off Red Stripe, there's a new Lowenbrau in town, and he's got a hop to his step we haven't seen since the last world cup.

Happy Hour

the word from abroad is that the store is blowin' up, so much so that a few local bureaucrats felt a bit threatened at the outset. however, a few honors grads from the Vesty Academy of Diplomacy apparently have been able to smooth things out, and as of this printing everything was ROLLING.

Cool Runnings

continued good fortune, my brother, you're making the Kingdom proud!

Go Ask Alice

Posted by bojon at January 19, 2004 12:44 AM