February 19, 2004

Transcend To The Stars

[poem by peter handley, a friend of mike duffy's]

    I dream of a journey
    a journey of friends
    a band of brothers
    inseperable, intense...insane

    The mountain is high
    and so are we
    We walk through pastures green
    'cross rivers of silver thread
    and over rocks of shivering black
    Ever upward

    Together we advance
    in friendship, in expectation, in celebration

    The path is steep, but no-one slows,
    The road winds on sheer turns, but no-one deviates
    The sand and earth disintegrate beneath us, but
    We hold on to each other

    We emerge from the glorious tree-line
    As warriors set to conquer
    As leafy angels of light in the evening's pink
    We run, and run, and run.

    Inspired, perspired, in awe
    We reach the fabulous peak
    Never again to leave this awesome apex,
    this perfect peak,
    this moment.

    We rest on top of the World
    to look in wonder at the lands below, the vast ocean
    and each other
    To gaze upon the festival of the shining heavens

    To Transcend to the Stars.

    Shine on, Mr. Duffy, shine on.

Posted by bojon at February 19, 2004 09:45 AM