March 26, 2004

Actually, What Is A Skateboard?


a recent encounter with agent woodlock uncovered a humorous little tale involving his most precocious progeny, the quinnest of wyatts. it seems the young jedi has recently taken to calling out items that he would like as future gifts.

for christmas i want a... for easter i would like a... next saturday, i hope to receive a...

well, one such assertion led to a rather existential inquiry from our youthful prodigy.

"for my birthday," quinn declared as he rode in the car with with his ma, "i want a skateboard."

and then, after a moment's reflection: "actually mom, what is a skateboard?"

ah ha. gotta love the sincerity, the candor, and the utterly unabashed innocence. we'd all do well to sample a dose of that purity...

Posted by bojon at March 26, 2004 11:37 PM