January 30, 2005

Touch Me, Baby


the past two weekends brought about a double shot of Tainted Love, an uber-tight 80s cover band that easily out-freeze-frames the J Giles Band.

first on the docket was a private birthday party in sonoma that tapped the band to bring the human league to the wine country.

good call. a real treat to catch these cats in an intimate environment.


and then, a sold out show at bimbos that delivered the goods in a larger setting.

Feelin' It

here are a couple clips of the two scenes:

the bimbos gig was actually one part leisure and one part labor, as Agent Under_30 led the charge to not only enjoy the evening but also promote the upcoming Bojon Mardi Gras party.


here are a couple of snaps from the scene:

Under_30 working hard...


working harder...


a couple of the recruits...

Dynamic Duo

and a couple more...


the band gettin' down...

Tainted Love

pour some sugar on me...

Tainted Sugar

Posted by bojon at January 30, 2005 02:36 AM