February 15, 2005

North Cakalaki Bojon

New Recruit

the Bojon chapter in the carolinas is blossoming these days, as the crew continues to make things happen back where it all began.

special agent cox sent in this info on the latest recruit:

    Here's a little background on the lastest inductee into the Wrightsville Beach Chapter of Bojon:

    Name: Charles "Shenanagin" Petrie

    Hometown: reigns from Boston, MA.

    Background: Wholesellar for MFS mutual funds. Prides himself in bringing the bang to the party. He has a natural act for conniving and late night shennagins. Bought a fat piece of beach property in the middle of Wrightsville beach. As an intern, he's done much to promote the Bojon lifestyle in Wrightsville beach and all over North Carolina.

    Colonel White has also met Mr. Petrie and seconds my support of this new compadre simply by saying, "Oh my..."

right on, lads!!! cali sends our regards. weclome, agent petrie...

Agent Petrie

Posted by bojon at February 15, 2005 09:16 PM