November 22, 2005

The Name Of The Band Is... COWBOY MOUTH

Cowboy Mouth

fresh off of a morning flight from new york and a few hours at the office, what i really needed was a full dinner and a good night's sleep.

and, well, i got neither.

new orleans-style rock band extradonaire, cowboy mouth, was in town at the independent, and i charged the show with agents galletti and gibbs.

for those not well-versed in the mouth, this band brings high energy and settles for nothing less than a full audience frenzy.

Cowboy Mouth

the lead singer is the drummer and a barney rubble look-alike who brings the heat like nobody's business. the guy is frothing at the mouth before the show even starts, and he's barking at the audience half way through the first song that they better start showing some life or he's gonna leave the stage.

    toss out all your uptight, reserved, i'm-worried-about-work thoughts and groove like you've never grooved before in your life. yell like you've never yelled, dance like you've never danced. hug your neighbor. slam your beer. let yourself go. ARE U WITH ME??!!

mouth shows are infectious, and if you're not bouncing by the second tune you better check your pulse.

was pleasantly surprised that the rest of the band is really tight these days. some new additions have added some wrinkles to the sound and have given the band some refreshing range.

here are a couple clips from the action:

right the hell on. who needs a full diner and a good night's sleep anyway?

Cowboy Mouth

Posted by bojon at November 22, 2005 09:21 PM