May 13, 2004

Bocce BojoNYC

this just in from Saint Nicholas Beermonger, reporting on Bojon NYC's first bocce outing of the season (complete with gritty camera phone pix and all)...

    word up from NYC.

    Just because we have no jobs, doesn't mean we we're not working it.

    87 degrees. Humidity off the charts. The mighty Hudson River beckoned us for a season-opening bocce game.

    NYC Opener

    The newly renovated piers on NY's west side was the place. Uptown Brown, sporting his "Sho" jersey from J2K brought along Sian's friend Tammy (aka Pinky).


    I brought a British ringer named Felix Salmon and from the looks of his wobbly delivery we were looking for an upstream swim.

    With a fast and flat artificial turf and paper-bags for the 40s, the game had a decidely urban flavor. We also had to play around the track team from a local high school and some toddler whose affinity for picking up and moving balls threatened to make it a very unusual game.

    We worked around the hurdles and the game commenced forthwith:

    In a 2 game to 1 squeaker, we took Round 1.

    For Round 2, Nick G and Pinky teamed up and sprinted to an early lead. But Sho dug deep into his bag of shivs and stole the thunder. The Round was cut short with a wicked thunderstorm threatening... so end result, everyone left the field a winner-- which is why we love the game.

    I Love This Game

    East Coast Bocce is "game on" for the season, with the specter of the "Kevles incident" only vaguely haunting us!

well done gents, though it must be said that bocce has no "off" season here on the west coast (agent kevles notwithstanding).

Posted by bojon at May 13, 2004 12:43 AM