October 18, 2004

So Hip It's Tragic

Tragically Hip

stepped on over to the fillmore a few evenings back to catch The Tragically Hip, a group of pop rockers from the great white north.

agent under_30 hooked us with tix to the sold out show, and we were stoked to check out the scene with him and toss back a few.

Agent Under_30

caught this band a few years ago at the high sierra music festival. don't remember much from that show except that i liked these cats and that someone booted jack daniels and oreos all over my tent later that evening.

this go 'round, their sound sort of reminded me a bit of the harder-edged Bare Naked Ladies. perhaps BNL influenced by the Hip? or maybe i was just conjuring up a connection 'cause both bands are from Canada.

anyway, here's a little video i snagged at the show:

good times, good crowd. was left wanting more... a hip scene, though short second set a bit tragic. maybe that's how they got the name...


Posted by bojon at October 18, 2004 10:02 PM